Three simple tips to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling

Travel tips to reduce your carbon footprint

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Have been bitten by the travel bug again? Your itchy feet have got enough of those four walls? Well, that is understandable. Last year was a serious damper on travel plans. 

There is just one little thing though: what about my carbon footprint? It is a well-known fact that travel increases our carbon emissions. Transport and just generally changing our routine will have an impact on our emissions. Now, travelling is part of the human experience, open our minds and makes life so much more enjoyable. How does one reconcile carbon emissions and travels? Well, I thought I might suggest three very simple tips that can help to make things a bit more digestible to this inner conflict between travelling and our desire to help the planet. 

I think that using those three principles when planning for your next adventure can considerably help with reducing your carbon footprint. Firstly, consider your transport. We all know that the biggest problem when travelling is transport. In fact, it will likely account for the biggest part of your emissions. Here is something to consider: did you know that when doing short distances, it is better to take the car than the plane? This is because a plane’s emissions are at their highest during lift-off and landing. 

As the trip length increases, the average carbon emissions will decrease with time. If you want to compare modes of transport, you can see which one is better. This calculator can help you compare your options. You can check what is the difference between taking a plane or taking a car. I think the most important is to compare and then make an informed choice.

The second tip is all about your accommodation. Did you know that hotels are big carbon emitters? Air conditioning, waste disposal and laundry are all normal hotel activities contributing to carbon emissions. So, when planning your next trip, consider checking if the hotel has a plan to reduce its emissions. Perhaps, consider looking for an eco-friendly accredited accommodation and try to choose wisely.  

Should I take the car or the plane?

Last, but not least, is packing your suitcase. Simple things like bringing a reusable shopping bag and coffee cup can go a long way. Using products that are not costing the earth and have a low carbon footprint is a better alternative. Did you know that plastic comes from hydrocarbons ( same as the petrol that we put in our car)? Extracting hydrocarbons and transforming them contributes to increased carbon emissions worldwide. So, if you need some inspiration as to what to put in your suitcase, check out our shop where you will find sustainable fashion and travel accessories.

I hope that those tips will help you to reduce your carbon footprint next time you plan a trip. And don’t forget, it is all about the small steps! Reducing your carbon footprint does not have to be complicated! And, most of all, enjoy discovering our beautiful planet!

Until next time, travel safe !