Agnes Water and Town of 1770 – Of beaches and paperbark forest

Agnes Water and Town of 1770

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Known as the northmost surf break on the East Coast of Queensland, Just before the Great Barrier Reef takes over and mellows the waves, lies the sleepy twin towns of Agnes Water and Town of 1770.

Quite remote from the rest, this is the quintessential Aussie small coastal town. It will catch a spell on the passer-by and haunt your dreams for the foreseeable future.  I think I got caught.

The beach is of course omnipresent and why would it not.  From surf to swimming and providing the backdrop to many bushwalks, it is never far.

Agnes Water Beach

But the sea is not the only drawcard.  If you stop there, don’t miss the paperback forest. We went there right after the rain and the colours were striking. Just don’t forget your mosquito repellent….. Still absolutely worth it!

The stepping stones in the wet areas brought back the child in me and I am sure any child would be delighted with this adventure.  It really was as if we had entered the world of fairy tales. I was just expecting a fairy to fly right in front of me! Those paperbark trees really provided such a magical setting.  It is quite a short walk so perfect for children. Don’t miss it if you are in the area!

Cairn – Captain Cook

We also walked on the headland of Town of 1770.  Now, why would a town have a number as a name? Thanks to Captain Cook, who stopped there. Well, I am going to let you guess what year that was…..  

There is a Cairn – a monument dedicated to this moment, where Captain Cook set foot for the second time in what was going to become Australia.  Apparently, the monument is located where one of Captain Cook’s crew engraved a date on a tree. Check out this webpage to unleash your history nerd.

I have to admit, naming a town with a date is a clever move to ensure that people remember it…. Must have been a history teacher who gave it it’s name…..

In any case, the walk around the Cairn is really panoramic and I could not help but stop for a moment to picture the Endeavour anchored not too far away. 

Looking for other things to do in the area, check out this website.

Until next time, take care, explore our marvellous world and leave only footsteps.