How to calculate your pre and post COVID 19 ecological footprint?

How to calculate your carbon footprint

Bored at home? Watched too many Netflix series? How about figuring out how your pre and post COVID19/coronavirus ecological footprint compare?

Amidst all the chaos, one thing that we are noticing is that our impact on the planet has reduced.  Fewer planes in the sky mean less carbon. Less tourism leaves some time for nature to regenerate. Let’s just think about Venice and it’s cleaner canals.  In cities where the pollution level killed so many people, the sky is now clear. Here is one interesting article on the topic I recently looked at.

As millions of people are in lockdown around the world, why not have a look at our past footprint and our present footprint.  And see if it makes a difference. 

There are many different calculators out there which vary from very simple to very complex. Here is a good review of what is available for Australia.

For my part, as I am not sure how much or where some of my electricity comes and, during pre-COVID-19 life travelled, I travelled via ferry at least twice a week. I am unsure how to calculate this. As such, I decided to use the very simple “ footprintcalculator” that you can find here.

I was amazed to figure out that during my Pre-COVID-19 life, if everyone on earth would live like me, we would need 5 earths whereas now it is 3.5 earths.

Wow. For me, working from home has had the biggest impact on my footprint. That is reducing my footprint by 20%.

There you go. In theory, by changing the way we work, we can have a significant impact on the planet. Clearly, we can do it.   

I understand that not everyone can do it, as this depends on the nature of our work but a lot of office bound employees could make a big difference.  Something to ponder for our post-COVID19 life. 

Where did the difference came down to for you? Do you see how this could help you improve your post-COVID19 footprint? Please comment below!

All the best to you and don’t forget to wash your hands!

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